Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beauty Bravo: Armani Master Corrector

I have a few Armani products in my kit that I take to work with me however this one always seems to make it's way to my make-up bag. Armani Master Corrector comes in 2 different shades, each tackling a different skin problem.
Number 1 brightens sallow and dull skin as well as yellow pigmentation.
I use Number 2, a orange coloured corrector around the eye area to conceal bags and shadows. The orange neutralises blueish tones in the skin. I then apply a concealer on top of the corrector to brighten the eye area. I would recommend this product if you have an olive skin like myself or darker skin tones however the product is suitable for all skin tones.


Armani Master Corrector in Shade 2